From the past a madness grows
Many from nothing form one as one becomes four and grieves
Ten become two ere metal and blue and crimson collide
White kraken, golden dragon, bear and raven and wolf
The dead turn to dust, the dead rise, the dead rest in peace
That which has perished shall rise again.

- Text fragment recovered by the Third Ulkhad Xen’drik Expedition

Welcome to Eberron.

Welcome to a world of intrigue and swashbuckling action, where magic is commonplace yet still mysterious. A world that continues to be shaped by recently hatched plots as well as prophecies thousands of years old.

The continent of Khorvaire has been shattered by a century-long civil war. Out of the ashes of the Last War come new villains, new dangers… and new hope.

How will your actions re-fprge the world?

= = = = =

The campaign begins in the town of Olath, in the nation of Thrane. Where will it lead? Well, that depends on many, many things…

Legacy of the Last War

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