Legacy of the Last War

Session 3: Broken Arrow

20 Aryth, 998 YK

Pewter awakens to find herself in a wagon. When she looks out, she discovers that the party is among a caravan heading out of Olath to Angwar Keep. It turns out that Pewter had somehow become unresponsive over the course of the night (although the glyph on her forehead was still faintly glowing), and so the party had decided to head to the city of Aruldusk to find someone to see what the issue was.

The other members of the caravan were Betha, a House Cannith magewright, and a pair of teamsters with a load of stone destined for the keep.

Near midday a tremendous crash is heard and a plume of smoke is seen some ten miles away. The party decide to investigate and to meet up with the cravan at a camp area further up the road.

When the party come close to where they believe to be the source of the disturbance, they encounter a group of zombies. After a hard-fought battle, they discover several things: one of the zombies was wearing the uniform of a House Lyrandar skyship captain, and another bore the Mark of Finding. The party finds a few coins and a half of a set of Sending Stones on the corpse of the captain.

Finally, they come to the site of a crashed airship, the Lucky Arrow. There are no survivors among the crew; someone or something had turned them into zombies. The party fights the crew and the ship’s cargo – a pair of living burning hands spells – and investigate the wreck. The captain’s log reveals that the ship was chartered two weeks ago to head into the Mournland with an expedition and was scheduled to return to Aruldusk.

After salvaging what they could (including a Lifting Platform) from the hold of the wreck, the party meets up with the others in the caravan and proceed to Angwar Keep.



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