Legacy of the Last War

Session 2: Screams at Dawn

18 Aryth, 998 YK

The party is wakened by screams and pleas for help outside Madame Freona’s. When they investigate they find a hysterical woman who claims that her family and several workers were taken while they wre working on the family’s peat farm by a goblin raiding party. The town watch admit that they are unable to help directly but are willing to provide a reward for anyone who can provide aid. The party accepts and the woman, who introduces herself as Millivent, takes them to where the kidnapping occurred.

A trail leads the party into the Burnt Wood, and before long they come across whal seems to be an overgrown barrow. They witness an exchange between a goblin and a cloaked figure, who mantions that his group will pay the goblins well for more artifacts, and commands thew goblin to kill anyone else who comes into the area. The cloaked figure then disappears.

The party manages to fight their way into the barrow and rescue the prisoners, much to the relief and gratitude of Millicent and the rest of the townsfolk.



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