Legacy of the Last War

Session 6: Night of the Straw Men

27 Aryth, 998 YK

In the aftermath of the battle inside Angwar Keep, there is no trace of Aversten to be found. Father Sarhin is obviously shocked by Aversten’s actions. At best, the Sanctum operative was using the workmen at the keep as test subjects for a new defense system. At worst, Aversten was committing treason by sabotaging the repairs. Both reasons were blasphemous to any sane citizen of Thrane or follower of the Silver Flame. Sarhin pledges to request the Church to conduct a thorough investigation into Aversten’s doings.

In gratitude, each party member is given an item from the keep’s armory. Reland and Nebrian are each given an Alchemy Blade. Bjorn receives a pair of Byeshk throwing axes, Pewter is given a Flametouched iron holy symbol, and Bliss is given a silvered longsword. In addition, each member is also given a document giving them the use of a warhorse while within Thrane’s borders.

Bjorn, Reland, and Pewter leave the keep to head south to Aruldusk, leaving instructions for Bliss and Nebrian to catch up with them down the road.

The trio arrive at the village of Steeplefall a couple of days later. They are each given a small straw doll by an old lady at a booth on the outskirts of town. Upon arriving at the town square, they discover that the village is in the middle of a festival, in which the highlight is the burning of the dolls in a bonfire in the village square to symbolize the fresh start that the new year brings.

The celebrations are soon interrupted by a pair of pumpkin-headed scarecrows, which deliver an ominous threat to a village priest, Yanov Letru, before attacking. Thanks to a Hideous Laughter spell, the party is able to separate the assailants and defeat them.

In gratitude, Yanov presents the party with a voucher worth 150 gp that could be redeemed at the Church of the Silver Flame at Aruldusk or at any House Kundarak enclave. In addition, he also offers another voucher worth 300 gp if they could also deliver a box to the House Orien enclave as well.



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