Tag: Thrane


  • Shadukar

    Shadukar, the "Jewel of the Sound", was once a beautiful city overlooking Scions Sound and bounded to the south by what is now called the Burnt Wood. The city was captured and subsequently destroyed in 961 YK by an invading coalition force of Cyran and …

  • Aruldusk

    Aruldusk, a small city near the western shore of Lake Arul, was largely spared the horrors of the Last War that ravaged nearby cities like [[Shadukar]]. The [[Lightning Rail]] passes through the town, heading to [[Sigilstar]] on the Thrane River to the …

  • Angwar Keep

    Angwar Keep is a fort in eastern [[Thrane]] approximately midway between [[Olath]] and [[Aruldusk]] on the Orien trade route that passes between the two towns, and east of the Burnt Wood. Across Scions Sound from the fort is the everpresent mist of the [[ …

  • Olath

    Olath is a small town in eastern [[Thrane]]. It lies on the eastern edge of the Burnt Wood and the western coast of Scions Sound. It lies approximately midway between the fortress of [[Angwar Keep]] and the ruins of the destroyed city of [[Shadukar]].