Dragonshard Items

Dragonshard items differ from standard magic items in the fact that dragonshard items use arcane crystals called dragonshards that can be found in various parts of Eberron. Dragonshards are used to enchant various items to give them minor magical properties.

There are three types of dragonshards, each having their own properties and thus used for different purposes in the manufacture of magic items:

Siberys dragonshards are golden in color and fall from the Ring of Siberys, which means they are usually found on the surface in equatorial regions of Eberron such as Xen’drik or, presumably, Argonessen. Siberys dragonshards are the rarest of the three varieties, and are sold in quantities only in Stormreach or Sharn. Siberys dragonshards are most closely linked with Dragonmarks and are often used to enhance Dragonmark abilities.

Khyber dragonshards are generally a dark blue or black and can be found beneath the surface of Eberron in deep underground caverns. While, Siberys dragonshards are the hardest to find, Khyber dragonshards are the most dangerous to obtain of because of the denizens lurking in Khyber. Khyber dragonshards have an affinity for binding, and are most notable for their use in crafting bound-elemental items, such as the Lightning Rail.

Eberron dragonshards, also known as bloodstones, are typically pink in color and can be found within egg-shaped stones buried beneath top-soil, or the watery muck in swampy regions such as in parts of the Shadow Marches. Eberron dragonshards are the most common of the three varieties, especially on the continent of Khorvaire. They have a broader spectrum of uses than the other types of dragonshards.

A partial list of dragonshard items than can be found or obtained by adventurers is as follows:

Item Frequency Weight (lb.)
Empowered Spellshard Uncommon
Everbright Lantern Common 2
Lifting Platform Common 10

Dragonshard Items

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