Capital: Flamekeep
Notable Settlemements: Aruldusk, Sigilstar, Thaliost

The center of the remaining Five Nations and the heart of the Silver Flame, Thrane has a heightened sense of its own importance. A major military and economic power in the region, Thrane’s theocratic government is ostensibly devoted to stamping out evil and making life better for all. However, privileges of power can sometimes lead to arrogance and corruption. Still, Thrane’s people aspire to lead virtuous lives, and Thrane could potentially become the brightest light in a darkened world.

Thrane is ruled, spiritually and temporally, by the Church of the Silver Flame. The Keeper and the Council of Cardinals make all political decisions; Queen Diani ir’Wynarn holds a purely symbolic position. This arrangement began when the Church stepped in to take the reins of power from Prince Daslin early in the Last War. Although Thrane is primarily known as a religious center, it has traditions of archery that served the kingdom well during the war. Many Thranes learn to use the bow, and Thrane’s soldiers are renowned for their deadly accuracy.

Thrane’s primary liability is its inability to support itself. It exports textiles, wool, and livestock, but having suffered deep losses in peasant levies during the war, it has insufficient manpower to produce staple grains. Thus, even those factions of the Church who would prefer a more isolationist stance for their nation reluctantly acknowledge that they must continue to interact with their neighbors.

Those interactions have been strained since the end of the war. In addition to the normal distrust felt on all sides, the common folk of other nations view the Church of the Silver Flame as an oppressive institution that seeks to convert others by force. However, this view exaggerates the situation; only a small faction of the Church engages in such practices, and other religions are tolerated within Thrane proper. Nevertheless, this opinion spreads wider, as tales of the Church’s intolerant few outweigh the words and deeds of the more moderate.



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