In Eberron, half-elves live primarily on Khorvaire, where they outnumber the elves from whom they descend. Combining human flexibility and ambition with elven wisdom and foresight, half-elves have capitalized on their racial talents to affect history and culture in ways far greater than their numbers would seem to allow.

Few living half-elves are the offspring of human and elf parents. Since elves first came to Khorvaire, half-elves have represented a distinct cultural group, and most are descendants of early interbreeding. Half-elves originally hail from what today is Valenar, but they have since spread across the continent, migrating with Khorvaire’s human populations.

Half-elves never formed their own nation. Instead, members of the race have had formative
roles in human nations. They have steered the course of governments, economies, and wars, but they have done so as individuals, organizations, or guilds, never as a unified society.

Half-elves live throughout Khorvaire, particularly within the Five Nations. Khorvaire contains a few communities that predominantly consist of half-elves, but such settlements are rare because half-elves prefer to live within human-occupied regions.


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