The cradle of human civilization Sarlona was once the only nation featuring the presence of the human race, the humans have since spread to Khorvaire and their native land has been overrun by The Inspired. Now humans pay homage to Inspired lords in an oppressive feudal society.

Sarlona lies opposite Khorvaire and north of Argonnessen. It stretches from southern tropics to northern tundras and includes a number of inland lakes that are large enough to support navies and maritime trade.

The nations of Sarlona are fractious and very different. Politics are dominated by Riedra which also takes up the bulk of the continent.

The Inspired are the lords and rulers of Ridera, the Chosen vessels of the Quori manipulators of Dal Quor who use the nation for their own purposes.

The counterpoint to the Inspired, the Kalashtar are voluntary vessels of Quori who know fully what they are getting into. They are usually limited to Adar if they have not already fled to Khorvaire to escape the Inspired.


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